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Dr. Ron Allen

Dr. Ron Allen


Agricultural Research Center
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Tucson, AZ 85719
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Dr. Allen is a veteran animal scientist who has taught and conducted research at Iowa State University, Michigan State University and since 1980, the University of Arizona. Dr. Allen's major field of study deals with animal growth and development.

Research Interests

The focal point of research in Dr. Allen's laboratory is the growth and repair of skeletal muscle in domestic animals and humans. The key player in both of these processes is the satellite cell. Satellite cells are muscle stem cells that are generally found in a quiescent, or dormant, state in close association with muscle fibers.  Although sparsely distributed in postnatal muscle, they play an important role in regulating muscle growth by dividing and fusing with existing muscle fibers. The result is a net increase in the number of muscle fiber nuclei and hence, an increase in the growth potential of the fiber. In injured muscle, satellite cells are stimulated to divide and form new fibers that replace damaged muscle fibers. Consequently, the rate and efficiency of muscle growth and repair are dependent on the activity of satellite cells, and therefore, satellite cell function is relevant to muscle growth in domestic animals, to human muscle disease and injury and to problems associated with aging.

Research goals in Dr. Allen's laboratory have been to unravel the mechanisms responsible for satellite cell activation from the quiescent state and to understand the events leading to cell division and cell migration leading to muscle fiber formation. This problem is being approached by integrating experiments at the cellular, tissue, and whole animal level.

Selected Publications


Allen Lab:
Agriculture Research Complex 116
Phone: 520-621-3829
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